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Amadio Ranch is a heritage farming venture in Laveen, AZ, on the outskirts of Phoenix. Established in 2010, Amadio Ranch brings back the style of small family farming common in the Phoenix area in the 1920-1950s.

As with many farms of that era, the farm is exclusively worked and maintained by the Amadio Family. It was common back then to eat only what you grow, and Amadio Ranch has provided 70-80% of their family’s needs while also supplying the community.

Sustainability and all-natural growing practices are paramount in their farming philosophy. Amadio Ranch is currently working on a farm tour that will mentor and inspire the community to grow their own foods and live self-sufficiently.

Eric and Christina Amadio created Amadio Ranch in 2010. They started growing for themselves and had a surplus. So they started giving it away to neighbors but they still had more than they could distribute. So they “hung their shingle” and tried selling the surplus, and it was a HIT. Eric and Christina never dreamed they would be doing what they do today. The business has grown organically (just like the produce) each year. Eric and Christina feel that they are along for the ride!

Christina’s family has always made homemade pies. She remembers growing up with her Mom and Grandma making tons of apple pies to put in the freezer at harvest time. Christina would make them for a friend or neighbor as a ‘thank you’ or welcome. Eric just mentioned to her to try selling the pies. She was skeptical, but the pie business exploded! They went from working in the house making ten pies a day to having a fully certified commercial kitchen making 200 pies a day.

The baking aspect of Amadio Ranch is ever-growing and diversifying. They love finding old recipes and re-introducing them to the customers.

Eric and Christina love helping others. They are very involved in the community - from providing free food to charities or a place to have family photography sessions. They feel that the farm is available to everyone to enjoy! The Lord blessed them with the miracle of owning the farm, and they want to share it.

Eric and Christina love to travel. They enjoy flying to foreign places or driving their 5th wheel around the US. Wherever they explore, they are always trying local foods and checking out local farms. They have an eye open for new ideas to bring back to the farm.

Eric grew up in Phoenix in a family that migrated to the US from New Zealand in the 1940s. Christina grew up in rural Illinois. They both have a farming history in their families. Eric is a cat lover, and Christina loves dogs, but they work it out! Eric is the Big Picture guy, while Christina is the organizer who makes things happen.