We are open daily 7am to 9pm

We make our award winning pies from scratch.  We offer the following pies daily at the farm

Strawberry Rhubarb  -  Apple  -  Caramel Apple  -  Cherry  -  Blueberry  -  Peach                   

Chicken Pot Pie  -  Banana Cream  -  Chocolate Silk  -  NY Style Cheesecake

Turnovers  - Pie Cups  - Sweet Breads

We also enjoy making a few variations each week.  Follow our Facebook Page at Amadio Ranch Heritage Farm or the group for updates on weekly offerings


At this time, we are no longer accepting an orders for pies or baked goods. Due to staffing limitations, we are only making pies that will be in the front coolers for sale each week or at our events.  The above list of pies will be available at our events as well.

We are no longer shipping any baked goods.