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Farm to Table Dinner

We are pleased to announce our newest endeavor - Farm to Table Dinners at Amadio Ranch. Laveen actually has a long farming history. We have heard many stories of the onions growing, the cotton harvesting, and flowers blooming all around the area. At Amadio Ranch, we are keeping that farming tradition alive and the best way is by putting it on the table for you to enjoy in our beautiful peach orchard.  

Our meals will be multiple courses of fresh seasonal fare with beverages included. Enjoy dishes sourced from Amadio Ranch and other local farms. We will provide a limited number of tickets to be pre-purchased. Eric and Christina Amadio will join everyone for fun conversations. 

Ticket are now on sale for our event on February 24th. 

Tickets will go on sale soon for additional dates of March 9, April 6 and April 20