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Welcome to the delicious world of our hand-grown fruits and vegetables! At Amadio Ranch Heritage Farm, we deliver the best produce, grown with love and in collaboration with a Co-op of farms in the Phoenix Valley that share our passion for quality.

Enjoy the freshness of each season with our locally sourced, ripe, and juicy fruits and vegetables. Our produce is grown naturally and by hand, without any pesticides, giving you a taste that is extraordinary. They may cost a little more and look a bit imperfect, but the amazing flavor makes up for it. For the best experience, eat the fruits within 2-3 days of purchase and keep them in the refrigerator.

Please keep in mind that our products depend on seasonal availability, and if you don't see a certain fruit, it means it's not in season. All our produce is sold by weight and can only be purchased up at our farm or events.

Discover the fun of surprise with different variations every week, specially selected for you. Follow our Facebook Page at Amadio Ranch Heritage Farm or join our group to get updates on our exciting weekly products. For a tasty adventure where every piece of produce is a celebration of flavor and tradition, join us at Amadio Ranch Heritage Farm. You are in for a treat!