We are open daily 7am to 9pm

We offer locally grown fresh vegetables. They are grown naturally without pesticides and all by hand.  That means our items may cost a little more but they are going to taste amazing.

We do partner with a Co-op of farms in the Phoenix Valley and provide their produce to our consumers as well. They have the same growing practices as we do.

We only sell what is in season so if you don't see a certain vegetable on the list, it's not in season right now.  We do sell per pound and vegetables are only available for pickup (no shipping).

Some harvesting timeframes:

Peaches - available May through June. We have many types of peaches - yellow, white, donut peaches, semi-cling, and cling free (later in June).  We do not offer U-Pick on our fruit.

Tomatoes - Harvested May - early July. You can order green tomatoes (we only harvest when asked).  

Apricots - Harvested in May

Grapes - June

Broccoli, carrots, lettuces - November - February

Cauliflower - late January - February

Sweet Corn - end of May/early June

Zucchini, cucumbers, squash - May through early July

Watermelon, Cantaloupe - late July through August


**We do recycle our plastic containers that hold our produce. Please bring back washed containers for reuse.


 We do not take pre-orders at this time for items. Instead, you can come to the farm or any of our events to purchase produce.