Get delicious fresh vegetables, pie, jam, honey, etc. at the farm daily from 7am-6pm - 365 days a year

CSA Produce Deluxe Box


This subscription box will be filled with various vegetables and fruits that are being harvested at the farm. It will also include an exclusive treat in each box from the farm.  The items could include a special pie, fudge, jam, breads, etc.  Each week/month will be different items made exclusively for our members. 

It can be subscribed for every two weeks or monthly.  

You must purchase a CSA Cooler for your orders. This is a one time purchase and we will exchange your cooler with each order.

Subscription will automatically renew until you cancel or change it

Pickup location options: (new orders have to be received by the Friday before.

Ahwatukee on Fridays 330pm-630pm

Farm in Laveen on Saturdays from 8am to 12pm

All CSA orders will process as being shipped but they are actually for pickup only. No shipping rate will be billed. Please indicate in notes where you prefer to pickup.