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Apple Pie



Our amazingly delicious apple pie starts with Granny Smith Apples. We use 4 cups of sliced apple and add in sugar, cinnamon and a touch of flour. These apples stay firm while cooking to make a crispness to each bite. 9" pie serves 6. This is a traditional favorite that everyone loves.

This pie can be shipped or picked up locally.

Ingredients - Crust: Flour, milk, oil, salt   

Filling: Apples, sugar, flour, cinnamon

 Sugar Free Option - we can provide this pie in a sugar free option using Truvia

Gluten Free Option - We do offer a gluten free crust Option for this pie.  Ingredients include: Rice flour, potato starch, cane sugar, salt, xanthan gum, margarine   

Vegan Option - we have a vegan option that changes the crust to include: flour, shortening, vinegar, sugar, salt