We are open 7 days a week, 7am to 9pm (Fri & Sat to 10pm)

Orders may require up to 24 hours to fulfill


Please note that with the summer months, we do not ship breads nor pies.  We will begin again after temperatures drop in the Fall.

We do offer many varieties of our pies and baked goods as gluten free.  We do not "Guarantee" that cross contamination won't happen - so please be cautious if you suffer from any serious illnesses.

Also, all of the fudge varieties are gluten free as well.


A review by Liz Gonzalez on May 8, 2022: "Thankful to the Amadio's for accommodating a last minute gluten-free strawberry rhubarb pie. The person we were celebrating was thankful that they finally got to enjoy an actual delicious gluten-free dessert which made them get seconds . Also those without special dietary needs couldn't tell that this was a special pie. It was a hit and the first dessert to go quickly. Someone even walked away with the tin to have every last bit of the pie remnants. Don't sleep on ordering this type of pie if the occasion calls for it because the quality and taste is just as delicious 😋🥧"