Linzer Cookies

Linzer cookies are a traditional Austrian holiday cookie made with a shortbread dough, dusted with powdered sugar, and filled with jam.  The top cookie has a peak-a-boo cutout to showcase the jam.

I wanted to make these cookies back in December, but we had already had our fill of cookies both from our kitchen and the kitchens of friends and family. Instead, I held onto this recipe knowing I could play with the flavors and shapes for other holidays.

Jam: UNLIMITED Flavor Possibilities.

Traditionally, a Linzer cookie is flavored with almond, a hint a of cinnamon and filled with raspberry jam. I opted to replace the cinnamon with lemon zest and paired it with cherry preserves.  The Amadio Ranch cherry preserves are made with whole cherries and you are certain to get a piece of fruit in every bite.  Plus, the color is a vibrant red perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Here are some other flavor combinations you could consider:

Strawberry rhubarb + Lime

Mango + Ginger

Very Berry + Orange

Lemon Curd Topping + Poppy Seeds

Shortbread Dough

You can use your favorite shortbread cookie dough for this cookie.  I used this Easy Almond Linzer Cookies Recipe.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Because this is a sandwich cookie, you will want to roll the dough to ⅛ to ¼ inch thick.  Thicker cookies won’t have the same jam to cookie ratio that makes these cookies so sweet.
  2.  If the chilled dough is hard to roll, let it warm as you work it, but pop the cutout cookies into the freezer for a few minutes to set and prevent spreading in the oven.
  3. You can incorporate the center cutouts into the extra dough or you can bake them!  I think the mini cookies make a festive addition to your cookie platter.  That is, if you don’t snack on them while you assemble your cookies. 

Cookie Cutters

You can buy cookie cutter sets of nesting hearts or circles.  You can even buy a Linzer cookie cutter set to get that perfectly centered jam window. I opted to use things I had around the house including a mason jar lid, heart cutter stolen from my daughter’s playdough set, and a milk carton lid.  I think I will make a flower cookie with a mango preserve center for Easter!  Wouldn’t that make a lovely bouquet on a platter?

No cookie cutters?  Not in the mood to roll out dough?  No problem!  Simply roll dough into a ball and place a thumbprint in the center.  Once cool, add jam to the center and drizzle with an icing made of powdered sugar and a splash of milk.

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