Different Kinds of Pickles: Our Pickling Process

At Amadio, we are proud to offer our customers a chance to shake up their daily routine. We will always offer fan favorites, but we also enjoy creating new and incredible things with our local produce. Ever since we opened, we have been pickling different things on the ranch. Over time our customers have told us what they like, and now we have a range of delicious pickled veggies. Today, we’re going to talk about our pickling process and the different kinds of pickles.

Traditionally all you need to make a pickle is herbs, spices, brine, and cucumbers. Once you’ve created pickling liquid by heating the brine and add-ons, you pack, store, and wait. This recipe may sound simple, but little changes in the process can produce dramatically different results. Some pickles are more popular than others, but almost any combination of brine, flavorings, and vegetables can be pickled. The most common kinds of pickles are dill or bread and butter, so we’ll start with those.

Dill vs. Bread and Butter Pickles

Dill pickles have a classic sweet and sour flavor profile and a juicy and crunchy texture that people love. Bread and butter pickles tend to be less acidic and saltier than the dill variety. While both come in chips, you can also find whole cucumber or wedge pickles. They are very similar but have distinct differences. The primary additive in bread and butter pickles is sugar, while unsurprisingly, dill pickles’ main addition is dill! 

Jalapeno Dill Pickles

These two kinds of pickles are the average pickle you will get with a sandwich or from most grocery stores. Most fast-food restaurants put dill pickle wedges on sandwiches, and bread and butter pickles are an everyday BBQ staple. Dill and sweet are two classic pickle flavors that have a refreshing and tangy taste. And although these pickles dominate the market, they are not the only options available. There are all kinds of different flavored pickles.

Variety Pickles

There are so many twists on traditional pickles that it can be hard to know where to start! You can change pickles by adding different spices to the brine beforehand, changing the brine, or changing the vegetable itself. one classic example of these changes is kosher dill pickles made with garlic to add a more robust flavor. Spicy pepper can add a hot kick to a dish. Kimchi’s distinct crunch brings a layer of unique texture to Korean barbecue. When you start to think about it, here are almost infinite uses for pickles!

Garlic Dill Pickles

At the ranch, our favorite twist on traditional pickles is swapping out vegetables. The pickling liquid is a natural preservative, and pickling dramatically extends the shelf life of vegetables. So if you ever grow too much of something, you can always pickle some for later. Similarly, the pickling process can help break down and soften tougher root vegetables. Pickling is a long process, but the results make it worthwhile no matter what veggies you decide to use. But what if you want a professionally made jar?

Amadio’s Pickles

We understand that canning and pickling aren’t for everyone. But you can still have delicious pickled vegetables if you want! We sell a range of different pickles so that you can try them for yourself! If you are curious about traditional pickles, Amadio has you covered. We always stock some traditional dill pickles and our bread and butter sweet pickles. But we don’t stop with our classics; we also sell specialty pickles!

Bread and Butter Sweet Pickles

Beyond traditional flavors, we have a range of unique pickles. We offer things like jalapeno dill pickles that bring a kick to the conventional dill profile. And as we have discussed, pickling doesn’t stop with sweet and sour cucumbers! With patience and the right spices, vegetables produce a succulent and tasty pickle. 

Different Kinds of Pickles

Amadio Ranch knows that our customers enjoy their favorites but also want to shake things up. And our pickles are a perfect example of that philosophy. Pickles come in every shape and size, and they have an extensive range of flavors. But some varieties are more popular than others. The traditional pickle comes in dill or bread and butter, the main difference being the dill and sugar content. But there are all kinds of different pickles out there. 

There are many pickled vegetables canned and eaten every day, from spicy kosher dill pickles to kimchi. But if the process of pickling sounds too involved for you, we are here to help. At Amadio, we offer the classic varieties of products you love, like dill and bread and butter. But over the years, we have refined our pickling process, and we’ve expanded to make different kinds of pickles. We offer varieties for every customer, from hot pickles to pickled okra. Head over to our canned products shop to see what pickles we have in stock and try some local Arizona pickles today!

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