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Too often, people overlook mesquite when trying to give a dish an earthy and smokey flavor. And when paired with a similarly earthy but sweet partner, mesquite can develop a unique umami flavor. That’s why the team at Amadio thinks mesquite raw honey is the perfect complement to so many dishes! To prove it to you today, we will talk about five ways to use mesquite raw honey in your daily cooking. We’re going to give you tips to improve everything from lunch salads to your secret BBQ recipe! But first, let’s talk about the honey itself. 

March in Arizona is a special time for beekeepers because mesquite trees bloom! The bees who collect pollen from these beautiful flowering trees create a honey that is high in wax content and richly infused with the mesquite nectar. Once gathered, the product spreads like butter and has an intensely complex flavor profile. Because of its sweet but smokey notes, it has a ton of exciting uses.

Salad Dressings

Spring salads often include bright ingredients like radishes and peas to celebrate the return of the growing season. But your go-to salad dressing might not pair well with this increase in seasonal flavors. A mesquite honey dressing is a perfect complement to the seasonal spring vegetables and can help you balance spring’s bright flavors with a sweet undertone. But mesquite honey isn’t just good in march!

The earthy and slightly smokey mesquite flavor means it’s a perfect complement to any nutty or fatty flavor. This profile means it’s the ideal sweetener for tahini or avocado salad dressing. If you’re sick of the typical maple flavors associated with fall, mesquite might be the substitute you’ve been looking for. Mesquite honey is a sweetener at its core, and that means it’s useful for a wide range of sugar substitutions!

Sugar Substitutions

Honey is a time-honored sugar swap, but mesquite honey adds its unique flavor when you switch it out with sugar. As long as you’re using more than a cup, you can do a 1:1 substitution for honey as long as you reduce the liquid appropriately. At the ranch, we’ve had success with swapping sugar and mesquite honey in a wide range of recipes. one of our favorites was medenjaci, a Croatian gingerbread honey cookie. The cookies have become a holiday stable in some of the staffs’ homes. Because honey is a liquid, the raw mesquite honey can complement the caramelization process. 

Our mesquite honey has a bold and unique flavor that can enhance any caramelized dish. We’ve found the smokey honey flavor is delicious if you put a little bit in your onions or carrots seasoning before cooking. The mesquite honey flavor is beneficial when caramelizing because you can develop that rich, toasted flavor faster. Our mesquite honey natural flavor profile complements other kinds of the slow cooking process too.

Mesquite Honey BBQ

A honey-glazed ham is a perfect place to start if you’re wondering where mesquite honey could help you barbecue. But our product is versatile and has multiple bbq uses. Because mesquite honey has a richer flavor, it can add a profoundly complex umami flavor to any wet bbq rub. a mesquite honey wash will give any cut of meat a unique taste that will have you coming back for more! 

Honey glazed barbeque fish is also an excellent use for our honey. Mesquite smoked salmon is a labor-intensive process that generates a lot of excess smoke. But our mesquite honey can impart a similar flavor without setting off the smoke alarms.

Baking and Bread

Mesquite honey has a sweet and distinctive flavor that can develop in incredible ways throughout the proofing process of bread baking. A simple thing like a sough dough bread can produce a flavor combination that pairs great with any spread or sandwich. Our honey is perfect for baking because a natural high wax content makes it easy to cook with. Adding mesquite honey to a recipe will ensure your next baking project is one for the books.

Medicinal Uses

Raw local honey is a treasure for a lot of people. Ever since beekeepers started harvesting honey, people have recognized the many health benefits it offers. Do you suffer from allergies? Local honey can help expose you to pollens that are causing you problems in a safe environment. are you interested in better hair, skin, and nails? Raw honey can be a soothing additive in skincare treatments. If you think raw honey could help you, we’ve got a jar with your name on it!

Five Ways to Use Mesquite Raw Honey

Every year at Amadio Ranch, our bees get to enjoy a mesquite bloom, and later we get tasty mesquite, honey. And while some people overlook this sweetener, we can’t get enough of it! Today we gave you five ways to use mesquite raw honey and a few specific ideas for how you can cook with this unique product. We covered everything from Croatian cookies to honey glazed hams, but we also want to hear what you’re cooking. Buy a jar of our mesquite raw honey today and let us know what you decide to use it for!

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